Your best friend

deserves nothing but the best

Now you can give your four-legged friend all the taste and health benefits of premium New Zealand, sustainably farmed meat, while saving yourself a lot of time and money.

Here at Meat Mates, we are all for keeping things simple, naturally.  That’s why all our recipes begin with single source New Zealand free-range meat or cage-free chicken. As inspired by our friend Albert Einstein, any fool can make things more complex. Our philosophy is to move in the opposite direction and only add ingredients that serve your four-legged friend, whether that is adding Fish Oil and Rosemary Extract for an antioxidant boost and a shinier coat, or adding vitamins & minerals to deliver a complete & balanced diet.

Whether you’re feeding, boosting or treating with Meat Mates – we guarantee it will be gone as soon as it hits the bowl of even the fussiest of eaters.

It’s 100% pure love.



healthy & sustainable meat

A clean bowl can also come with a clear conscience. We pride ourselves on only using sustainably farmed free-range and grass-fed meat or cage-free chicken, because we know that the better the life of the farm animal, the better the meat tastes.

Our chefs put only the best ingredients in and keep the bad stuff out. They won’t touch anything artificial, GMOs or fad fillers. Meat Mates is everything your best friend wants and just what they need.

When you serve only healthy, sustainably farmed meat, you’ll both feel better.