Frequently asked Questions

Meat Mates Boosters add real meat, hoki oil, & a dash of rosemary extract to your dog’s existing diet. A simple solution to Picky Eater Syndrome.

Boosters are not a complete and balanced diet and should be fed with another diet that contains all the vitamins and minerals your dog needs.

All Meat Mates Dinners are formulated to meet AAFCO requirements for all life stages, from puppies or kittens right through to adults.

All of our ranges contain the same nutritious recipe with absolutely no fillers such as grains, cereals and starches, just in different formats so you can pick the option that best suits you and your pet.

Feeding guides for each product can be found under the ‘Our Products’ page. Simply click the product and the feeding information will appear.

Made in New Zealand from real ingredients. Your best mate deserves the best.

We’re pleased to confirm that all our Meat Mates and Meat Mates Meow cans are BPA-free.

The nutritional information for each product can be found under the ‘Our Products’ page. Simply click the product and the nutritional information will appear.

We suggest mixing water to the freeze dried food when feeding for added hydration but it is completely up to you and your pet’s personal preference. Fresh water should be available for your pup at all tim

All Meat Mates and Meat Mates Meow Freeze-Dried product packages contain a non-edible oxygen absorber. We include them in our product packaging to help reduce the oxygen level to ensure that our shelf-stable food is at optimum freshness when opened.

These small, silver sealed packets, marked “Do Not Eat”, contain the following ingredients;

Iron                                                        60-85%
Magnesium Chloride                      less than 1%
Carbon                                                 less than 1%
Silica Dioxide                                      15-40%

Oxygen absorber packets start to work and absorb oxygen as soon as they are packed into the bag of food.  Once the bag is opened and the absorber packet is exposed to oxygen, it loses its effect and can be discarded.

We recommend storing our product out of temptations way, in a cool, dry space like a cupboard.  Once opened, we recommend removing and disposing of the oxygen absorber to reduce the risk of accidental ingestion.

In the case of accidental ingestion and as a precaution, please contact animal poison control or your veterinarian, especially if your pet is under 15 lbs / 6.5 kg.